Rockstar GTA 6 Release Date: All you need to know about it is available inside!

For all of the GTA Vice City gamers who have been playing GTA 5 for a while, this is fantastic news. The creator of this game is now working to produce GTA 6, an updated version, for people who seek a fresh gaming experience.

Everyone is now eager to play the New GTA 6 on their computer since it will provide a new experience in terms of visuals, new characters, Buy New Car, and many other areas after hearing the news that the Rockstar GTA 6 Release Date is anticipated to be between April 1, 2024, and March 31, 2025.

Rockstar GTA 6 Release Date

GTA 6’s release date has not been announced by Rockstar Games. Yet, internet sleuths have come to some wise conclusions. A larger information dump claimed that Grand Theft Auto 6 would be published in 2025 and included a report that Vice City would be modern.

You’ll soon be able to play as the game’s new character after the developer announced the release date of GTA 6 following the success of GTA 5’s tenth anniversary.

Rockstar GTA 6 Release Date Leak News

Grand Theft Auto 5 will be launched after the following Community Update, according to the game’s developer. All GTA 5 players are anxiously awaiting the release of GTA 6 to take advantage of the new features and graphics.

Also, it’s said that GTA 6 photos and characters have leaked, causing more than 90 videos and images to become popular on various platforms.

Game NameGrand Theft Auto (GTA)
DeveloperRockstar North Digital Eclipse Rockstar Leeds Rockstar Canada
PublisherRockstar Games
CreatorDavid Jones Mike Dailly
GTA: First Release DateGrand Theft Auto (28, 1997)
GTA 6 Release Date (Latest)April 1, 2024, and March 31, 2025 (Expected)

Naturally, this Grand Theft Auto 6 first look has disclosed some fresh information about the game, including data on GTA 6’s settings, characters, and gameplay.

To learn all there is to know about GTA 6 so far, keep reading. When Grand Theft Auto 6 is released, the developer said that a new platform will soon be available and that GTA 6 would be the first step on that platform.

How to Rockstar GTA 6 Trailer Watch Online?

When the GTA 6 trailer will be released has not been specified by Rockstar. When the GTA 6 trailer will be released on this day is yet unknown. Many systems have seen the leaked GTA 6 video, but the game’s release date is still a mystery. For updates, you must wait and visit the official website. A GTA 5 upgrade will be GTA 6.

A new GTA 6 map, people, aesthetics, and more await. We can also see that the Five Star ‘Wanted’ system is returning and that the VCPD has upgraded AI algorithms to monitor Jason and Lucia. Stay tuned to this post for GTA 6 release date updates. Developer updates for GTA 6 will be released shortly.

What platforms will GTA 6 be on?

GTA 6 will undoubtedly be playable on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, but it is yet unknown whether it will also be accessible on the PS4 and Xbox One. Some older systems might be a little out of date by the time GTA 6 is released.

It is unknown if GTA 6 will also be released for the Nintendo Switch, but we assume that it will be released on the PC as well. There is no guarantee that GTA 5 will, but the Definitive Edition trilogy package did.

Rockstar GTA 6 Characters & Map

Both male and female protagonists will be playable in GTA 6, according to the developer. Since the prototype was made public, it has been revealed that Jason, a male character, will make a comeback in GTA 6. It has long been rumored that the creator was developing the game’s female lead.

Following the release of GTA 6 gameplay, we were given a good view of the characters from the game and were able to recognize two brand-new characters.

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